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Rob Grubisic

Maus Interiors are a Manchester-based interior design studio run by Rob Grubisic that focus on ethical and sustainable design and products.

From upholstery to joinery, Maus consists of a small team of skilled artisans who focus on environmentally-friendly furniture design.

After upholstery school, Rob (Maus Interiors owner and founder) started to learn more about manufacturing processes and the furniture industry as a whole. Maus was born out of wanting to provide more sustainable, eco-friendly products and services, that still deliver a high-end luxury finish.

Maus goes against the grain of mass production supply chains that are so set in their ways! With a lean workforce, and the effort to source raw materials ethically, Rob and his team are free to approach things with an environmental conscience. This can be seen with their exquisite, multifunctional furniture piece, boofie™, that is made from ethically and sustainably sourced wool, recycled leather and buckwheat husk filling. This incredibly practical piece has an elegant, simple design that allows it to sit happily in both traditional and contemporary styled spaces.

Author's Choice

We adore the focus Rob and his team at Maus have on creating pieces that are made ethically and with sustainability in mind. Too often the furniture industry outsources its making to countries where labour is unregulated and workers are treated unfairly, mass producing products with inferior materials. Maus turns its back on this, handcrafting quality pieces using sustainably sourced and high quality materials. We love that Maus shares the same values as us here at AUTHOR and we especially love the wonderful and multifunctional boofie™.

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