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William Clark

Since 1736, William Clark have been a home of high quality, fine fabric in Northern Ireland.

Drawing on 300 year old tradition and experience, William Clark is a fabric house that creates beautiful linens.

In the 18th century, William Clark was founded in Northern Ireland when a dark, narrow stretch of river, babbling as it cascaded over the stones was spotted. Realising it was the perfect location for a waterwheel that would drive a simple device called a beetling engine. This machine would revolutionise the finishing of linen fabric. Over the following century, younger generations of textile-masters adopted the know-how to the full range of natural and synthetic fibres, including cotton and linen fabric, finding markets and partners in evert corner of the world where they continue to increase their ingenuity and innovation to this day.

This dappled beetle linen is created using the traditional method of 'beetling' which requires the linen to be turned slowly and pounded by wooden beetling hammers for 140 hours to create its flat, high lustre sheen. The beautiful watermark effect is created through impregnating the linen with a starch solution.

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Author's Choice

It is rare to see linen have such a lustre and sheen to it. This is due to the unique manufacturing process in making the linen which creates the beautiful water mark effect. Although it is a three century old tradition that is used in crafting this linen, the result is contemporary and elegant which is what we love here at AUTHOR. We love when traditional British crafts live on through the innovative work of William Clark today.

This is why we have paired the Dappled Beetle linen with gorgeous leather piping to create beautiful cushions for our collection.

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