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Kris Copeland

Kris Copeland uses the lost wax technique to create thought-provoking bronze sculptures in his Tayside based workshop.

Using the ancient Lost Wax technique, Kris Copeland creates beautiful, thought-provoking sculptures.

Based in Broughty Ferry, Scotland, Kris produces bronze sculptures with a playful nature such as the literal take on a 'Gun Dog' and an explosion of butterflies from a gun which is so wonderful and whimsical. His work focuses on childhood experiences which explains the emphasis on animals and guns (a play on toy guns). All his pieces are playful yet they are also heartfelt and sincere. Kris has described his work as a take on, "love, loss and identity" which can clearly be seen with his 'Titantic Heart' sculpture. Kris's work also focuses on his love for the Scottish rural landscape and animal kingdom as seen with the tactile nature of his pieces, almost looking like they have been made from earth and soil, not bronze.

The Tool dog sculptures are formed from moulds made from redundant work tools using the lost wax process. The tools are given new life through creative play. The lost wax 'cire perdue' casting technique has been used since the times of the Celts to create bronze sculptures. The process involves duplicating a metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) by casting it from an original sculpture or organic specimen. Intricate works can be achieved by this method as seen with the attention to detail on Kris's sculptures.

Author's Choice

We love the whimsical nature of Kris's bronze sculptures and his playful take on literal terms such as 'Gun Dog'. The inspiration from his rural surroundings of his Scottish homeland is plain to see in the rustic aesthetic and tactile feel of his pieces. The emphasis on animals such as dogs and butterflies also displays this.

It is amazing to see old and redundant tools such as hammers, nuts and bolts gain a new life forever in bronze. The lost wax casting method is such an interesting technique that we find fascinating and Kris executes it beautifully.

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