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Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan is an artist and designer who is known for his marrying of materials such as concrete, metal and glass into stunning artwork and sculptures.

Originally from Manchester, Harry Morgan is now based in his studio in Scotland.

Since childhood, Harry has had a passion for drawing, designing and making. He was particularly interested in fire, learning how to use a kiln and melt materials. This inquisitiveness has always been a part of Harry’s work as he continues to have an experimental approach to his designs.

Harry’s work is particularly interested in looking at the intrinsic qualities of materials. Referencing ancient techniques and histories such as Venetian glassblowing (known as ‘murrine’; where each rod or thread of glass is individually pulled by hand from a furnace) and Brutalist architecture. He challenges the connotations behind the materials: “Despite being composed of the same elements, glass and concrete appear as conflicting materials […] glass reflects ambiguity and intangibility. In sharp contrast, concrete is brutally physical.” (Harry, 2017).

Since graduating from college with a first-class degree in Glass; his work and talent has already been acknowledged worldwide. He has been exhibited in countries such as Sweden, Dubai and the United States and has won several awards.

View and buy Harry's concrete and glass sculpture, Enigma

Author's Choice

We love the seemingly incongruous partnership between glass and concrete that Harry melds together. You would expect this merging to be sharp and disjointed; however, as wonderfully displayed with his piece ‘Enigma’, it as if the materials have grown and evolved together naturally.

We admire Harry’s work as it pushes the boundaries of what glass can do and with each piece he creates, you can see the evolution of his process to create aesthetically pleasing results.

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