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Cocomoon Candles

These luxury scented candles by Cocomoon are made from palm, soy and paraffin free, coconut wax.

These soothing and warm scented candles are perfect to induce a stress-free and calming environment.

These candles are hand poured in Britain by Cocomoon using a sumptuous blend of coconut wax that is both renewable and sustainably sourced. The wax blend is palm, soy and paraffin free, containing no "nasties" and does not contribute to global deforestation, unlike other natural wax candles on the market.

Candle-making has been a passion in this family business for nearly 200 years. Their great, great grandfather was a candle-smith in London. The methods and traditions of candle-making has been consistently passed down through his family over generations. After noticing the lack of truly eco-friendly, luxury candles and being passionate about the environment, they decided to take the plunge and make their family pastime into a business, launching in Autumn 2017.

They spent over a year developing their unique blend of coconut wax. Coconut wax is odourless and burns much longer and cleaner than soy wax, not to mention all the beneficial natural properties it contains. It also throws scent better than soy wax, working well with essential oils and other natural ingredients. Large companies that mass produce candles find coconut wax too expensive and so they opt for a less eco-friendly alternative like paraffin, a by-product of petroleum and coal which is damaging to the environment and your health.

Their premium collection scents range from earthy to floral tones, all creating a relaxing aroma for any living space. The scents are uniquely British, using ingredients from all over the British Isles, from orchards to the coast.

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Author's Choice

We adore the Fig, Lavender and Orange scent that is warm and soothing, the perfect scent for creating a space to unwind. The Sea Salt and Driftwood aroma is an invigorating and fresh scent that also soothes and creates a peaceful environment.

We admire Cocomoon's dedication to protecting the environment using coconut wax whilst also creating a luxurious candle with scents that ease the soul. It is further proof that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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