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Alice-Andrea Ewing

In her Suffolk studio, Alice-Andrea Ewing casts gorgeous bronzes from natural specimens such as apples and pears.

Alice casts the most beautiful bronze sculptures from nature through her business, Pomarius.

Alice uses the Lost Wax casting method to create her exquisite bronzes. The results are works that are direct translations of the original, organic specimens such as figs, poppies, pears and apples, capturing every unique detail and curiosity of form. These natural specimens are the produce of gardens, historical locations and ancient trees in Britain, an ongoing collaboration that creates such beautiful work.

Many of Alice's collections have developed from personal relations between people and their homes, specific or ancient trees, and shared memories within these places. In every case, the translation into bronze is understood as a making explicit of the inherent value already held by the organic specimens - a value understood by the gardeners and carers of these locations.

Alice also creates bespoke commissions for dedicated gardeners and clients. To have fruits or leaves from the garden of your own home cast in bronze forever is such a special and unique gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Author's Choice

AUTHOR adores how Alice's work is seasonal, working with the produce she has at the time of year. We also love that she has adopted the Lost Wax casting technique, a method successfully used by the Celts who we know through found artefacts were extremely skilled metalworkers. This revival and continuation of traditional skills is so important to AUTHOR and part of what we stand for.

Alice's pears and full/half figs are simply stunning with such a wonderful tactile feel that is beautifully weighted and cool to the touch. They are ideal as a paper weight or sculpture on its own or in a grouping on a mantelpiece, shelf or bookcase.

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