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Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal uphold their distinguished heritage in producing the highest quality crystal and glassware.

Cumbria Crystal are the last producer of completely hand-blown, hand-cut, full-lead luxury English crystal in Britain.

Made in their factory in England and renowned for their skilled artisan craftsmanship, Cumbria Crystal create their crystal and glassware using traditional techniques that have barely changed since the Roman Era. Their celebrated crystal is so utterly timeless that it is no surprise that they are the crystal of choice in British Embassies, Royal homes and luxury retail establishments around the world.

The company was founded to produce exceptional, hand made, full-lead crystal tableware. It has stayed true to its artisan roots and remains small with 14 artisans at their factory, where visitors can come and watch the alchemy of traditional British crystal making at its best.

Every aspect is considered in their flawless designs from gathering glass out of the furnace with a staggering temperature of 1240C to the final polish and inspection to maintain the highest of standards.

Fascinating to note, their crystal has been utilised in many contemporary and period action-packed dramas such as Downtown Abbey, Poldark and very fittingly James Bond (better make sure that martini is shaken, not stirred!).

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Author's Choice

For our collection, we have chosen the everlasting Helvellyn range from these makers in the form of their champagne flutes, whisky tumblers and posy bowls. This is the range that is used in British Embassies around the world which highlights its premium quality and contemporary yet classic design.

We admire Cumbria Crystal’s dedication and attention to detail to each piece that they luxuriously and expertly hand-craft. We love how they not only preserve but also advance traditional glassmaking methods and techniques to create the highest quality crystal possible.

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