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The richly coloured and patterned wallpapers and fabrics from Blackpop are an anarchic mash-up of past, present and future, ransacking art history to invent classic themes for the 21st century.

Blackpop designs and manufactures wallpapers, patterned velvet fabrics and upholstered period furniture.

Blackpop's designs are rebellious design at its most exciting: oozing with attitude, defiantly wearing ripped tights and an earring through the nose. The richly coloured and patterned papers and fabrics are an anarchic mash-up of past, present and future, ransacking art history to invent classic themes for the 21st century.

The creative forces behind this team, which stormed onto the scene in 2013, are Maxine and Paula who referenced buccaneers of the high seas when giving the company its name.

Maxine and Paula draw design inspiration from art galleries, stately homes and fashion design, and these influences are very apparent in their work. The designers bring art postcards into the studio, favourites being Abstract Expressionists, Kandinsky, Miro, Hieronymus Bosch and Klimpt. The ‘Tudors Deconstructed’ range of wallpapers and fabrics is an example of how the pair take their interest in the traditional and historical as a starting point to create something new and beautiful.

The 'Tudors Deconstructed' collection was produced in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. Blackpop mixes details and motifs from 16th century masterpieces with textures revealed using new photographic techniques. The collection of beautifully raucous and unashamedly joyful patterns challenge us to juxtapose old and new, traditional and contemporary, to take the rule book and launch it onto a large manor house fireplace.

The firm’s production is firmly rooted in the UK, enabling it to maintain a fine artisan approach. All of their work is digitally printed with environmentally friendly inks (no nasties, no formaldehyde) which is what we are all about here at AUTHOR.

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Author's Choice

Blackpop's collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery is something not to be missed. It is a wonderful blending of the old and new to bring a new lease of life into an interior space.

We particularly admire the Henry pattern that they have created. The colours of Henry take on a magical appearance in dimmed lighting, or illuminated gently by the flickering of a fire in the hearth. We would use Henry to put the ‘wow’ factor into a cosy study or snug. Our Henry cushions covered in sumptuous crushed velvet, edged with brown leather piping, which makes for the perfect contrast against the indulgently regal, velvet fabric.

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