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London Art Fair
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The AUTHOR team’s feet are back on solid ground after a successful week at London Art Fair. It was an honour to be selected to style the VIP Collectors Lounge for the Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington and we were so grateful for the opportunity to showcase the exceptional craft of makers working across the British Isles. We wanted to share some of our highlights with you from the Fair below.

It is the first time we have styled a space specifically to be used for an event of such magnitude and we were delighted to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the London art scene. Seeing our AUTHOR logo everywhere as we were the Furniture Partner for the Fair was such a gratifying feeling.

We were delighted to meet so many people who were very appreciative of the exquisite functional art pieces we showcased and to meet with some of our makers who are based down South. It is always a joy to see them and to be able to have in-depth discussions about their work. We were grateful to be able to provide a space where makers could chat to others about their craft, materials and making process.

Emma Chesterman next to her 'Within Arm's Reach' Side Table
Kresse of Elvis & Kresse next to her reclaimed leather rug

The Collectors Lounge

The goal for the Collectors Lounge was to create a space where the press, exhibitors and VIP invitees could relax, work, mingle and grab a bite to eat as well as enjoy a glass or two of their favourite tipple (the Campari Spritz went down very well on the VIP Preview Day as it should being the drinks sponsor of the Fair).

Papillon Screen in the Charterhouse area

Multifunctional zones were styled in the room with curated pieces from our online collections that complement each other. The focal point that visitors were first greeted with as they came into the lounge was the Charterhouse area which featured an array of colourful, eclectic pieces from makers such as furniture designers Tom Faulkner and Hugh Parsons, textile designers EvA Bespoke, glass artist Elin Isaksson and bronze artist Neil Lemaire as well as AUTHOR’s own comfortable Wilf and Charterhouse Chairs which were the starting point that the zone was curated around.

This welcoming area was distinctive in showing how luxury craft pieces can be layered and appreciated in a home. Tom Faulkner’s Papillon Screen was a real stand-out with its bold, butterfly ombre colouring and unique shape. Its form reminds us of exquisitely-shaped buildings by Gaudí in Spain. A true functional art piece, it can be used to define zones in an open plan home or as a decorative sculpture. It balanced well with the pale blue of Hugh Parson’s Portobello Chair and the rich greens of EvA Bespoke’s embroidered silk art piece, Falling Flowers.

Madison Coffee Table

The next curated set was a relaxing sofa area with ample space where visitors could sit comfortably to enjoy a drink and rest their feet from walking around the Fair. Next to it was the Giacometti Console Table which sat at eye level for those sitting on the sofas so the Duck Feet Lamp and Jennie McCall‘s Clementia Horse Head Sculpture, that Jennie created exclusively for AUTHOR to exhibit at the Fair, could truly be appreciated. Tom Faulkner’s Madison Coffee Table really shone here as it worked as a two-in-one piece. It functioned as a beautiful coffee table, but it also worked perfectly as a display unit with its two tiered glass shelving. We were able to display pieces such as Pomarius’ Bronze Pears, Red Earth Designs’ Seed Pod Vessels and Hugh Parson’s Cribbage Board under the table brilliantly that could be viewed through the glass tabletop.

Windsor Rocker next to the Terra Stool
Moon by Rachel Fitzpatrick

There were two singular chair areas for those who wanted quiet contemplation. Katie Walker‘s award winning Windsor Rocker chair was enjoyed by many and Rachel Fitzpatrick‘s distinctive Moon sculptural chandelier piece made of Velcro was hung above a comfortable grey armchair so it could be admired from all angles. We also had a working area which was utilised by writers tapping away on laptops whilst also enjoying a coffee on the Govan Dining Table made in Port Glasgow by cabinetmaker David Watson and his team. The twisting lumbar support of the Govan Dining Chair‘s backrest was appreciated by those who used the table to get some work done.

The Timber set was a space for engaging conversation with many of the pieces styled being the conversation starter. The area was defined by the warmth of the different array of natural materials. From the light timber of the Folding Shelving Unit and Whittle Chair to the rich leather of the Reclaimed Leather Rug and the Recycled Leather Cube, these pieces showcased the expert craftsmanship involved in their creation. They all sung against the forest green painted walls to highlight the beauty of the natural materials that have been used responsibly.

Timber Set

Artworks on display

Nola (White Rain) by Banksy

There were so many interesting galleries showing at London Art Fair this year. From the loud and bold to the tranquil and serene, there was something to take any kind of art lover’s fancy. Of course there were big name pieces which were amazing to be in the presence of such as Banksy, Hockney and Picasso but it was the artworks of those who are new to us that really impressed the team. ‘Glistening’ by Hannah Ludnow, exhibted by London-based Columbia Road Gallery, was a piece that really took our eye. Hannah creates her pieces from memory and rarely of an actual place so her art has an abstract quality to it which evokes emotions of a personal memory or place in the viewer. It can be a memory from standing on a clifftop to being on a beach or in the moorlands, whatever natural place exposed to the elements that stir emotion in the viewer.

'Glistening' by Hannah Ludnow

‘Reveal Me’ by Isabelle van Zeijl which was shown by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, was another piece that spoke to us. An artist who creates striking portraits, this photograph is composed digitally using painterly techniques making it look almost like a renaissance portrait. The historic portrait pose combined with the contemporary garments gives the piece such a timeless feel with its grace and elegance. The size of the piece is so powerful too and there is an immediate connection with the viewer and the sitter, who is the artist herself.

'Reveal Me' by isabelle van Zeijl

The Women’s Art Collection (formerly the New Hall Art Collection) was the Fair’s Museum Partner this year and is the largest collection of art by women in Europe.  The collection was founded in 1992 and includes over 600 works by leading international artists such as Tracey Emin and Barbara Hepworth on display across Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. The focus of the collection is to confront the underrepresentation of women artists in museums and galleries. For the Fair, the collection displayed artworks by women artists who conjured myths in their work and fashioned their own image.

‘Madness of Love’ by Miriam Schapiro (1987) was such a delight to view. The piece shows a couple dancing in a close embrace on a stage. It is made with a mixture of craft materials and processes such as embroidery and fabric. Pattern and decoration are celebrated in this piece, paying homage to creative and talented women of the past who have been ignored in art history.

'Madness of Love' by Miriam Schapiro

It was a pleasure to be the Furniture Partner of the Fair this year and we hope we did our makers proud in showcasing their magnificent pieces which transcend the simple labels of furniture and decoration. They are pieces of luxury craft, that marry form and function in such a beautiful and thoughtful way, making them pieces of art in their own right. Can’t wait for the next edition of London Art Fair in January 2023 and hope to see you there.

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