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How to inject
colour into your home
colour into your home

Making your mark on your home is a process and we all have different interior design styles to work with. While some will champion the more minimalist look, others will look towards brighter colours and maximalist styles for their home.

Colour has the ability to change the look and feel of a room and is proven to have positive effects on mental well-being. However, injecting colour is by no means an easy feat; finding the right colour palette and maximising the potential of a room is something that needs some serious contemplation. Here’s our top tips on how to incorporate colour in your home.


Paint the walls

First thing’s first, you need to think about the base colours used in your home. This is the starting point to your design and will lead the way for the rest of your decisions. Wall colours should act as the room’s ‘hero colour’, taking up around 60-70% of the room. While painting the walls might seem an obvious way to add colour, it’s the colour you choose that will really deter the overall ambience of a room. There’s a skill to pairing complementary colours and you may
want to bring an expert in to help. At AUTHOR we offer interior design services to help you make the most of your home, whether you have a rambling manor house, a bijou apartment or any size or style of space in between.


Embrace Wallpaper

Wallpaper can add colour, texture and pattern to a room and it doesn’t have to be especially bold and bright to make an impact. Think about the pre-existing colours in your room and opt for
a wallpaper that works with your colour scheme and hero colour. Consider a design that has around three colours within it that will determine the rest of the palette. For something different, try incorporating painted panelling that complements your wallpaper of choice.

AUTHOR’s Pick: Verdure Wallpaper


Create statement features

Adding colour to specific areas will help you to elevate your design and steer you away from the more traditional white skirting boards and doorways. These are great places to colour match or create a statement with. Fireplaces make for a wonderful focal point for a room and this makes them the perfect design feature for a strong colour. If you’re feeling really brave, you could even paint or wallpaper the ceiling. A pop of colour above is a really great way to open a space up but do consider your lighting options too as only certain rooms will be able to carry off this look.


Hang Artwork

If you prefer your walls to follow a neutral colour scheme, opt to inject colour via artwork instead. Here’s your chance to shine with some luxury art. For maximum impact, create a gallery wall in
a living or dining area that follows a loose colour scheme. Curate your artwork by size and colour, pre-arranging it on the floor first. Frames are just as important as the prints when it comes to gallery walls, so think about whether you want to make the look uniform or add in colour this way too.

AUTHOR’s Pick: Falling Flowers Bespoke Artwork


Invest in occasional furniture with ‘wow-factor’

Occasional furniture is designed to be slightly more statement than your day-to-day furniture and is therefore a great way to add a fix of colour and something a little different in style. Try opting for something that contrasts with the rest of your colour palette and really stands out. We recommend a statement armchair or dramatic decorative lighting. Rich colours and patterned fabrics will bring an air of elegance, confidence and nobility.

AUTHOR’s Pick: Mary Velvet Chair


Add soft furnishings

After your ‘hero colour’, 20-30% of each room in your home needs to be focussed on a secondary colour, typically contributed via soft furnishings. As well as adding some hues to your home, soft furnishings will also act as layers of texture and warmth, bringing to life your room and adding a spot of personality beyond the two-dimensional areas.

AUTHOR’s Pick: Henry Velvet Cushion


Style colourful vignettes

The final 5-10% of your colour palette will come from an accent colour. You may have already determined this from a colour used in wallpaper or as part of a fabric. Accent colours can be brought out via sculptures, objet d’art or cushions. Style up areas that are in need of a colourful pop and take inspiration from our tips on decorating with luxury home accessories should you become stuck. Get experimental and try a few things out – never underestimate the joy a shot of colour can bring to a space.

AUTHOR’s Pick: Flamingo Vases

Still looking for tips to help style your home? The AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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