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How to Style Your Home for Autumn
How to Style Your Home for Autumn

As the colder nights draw in and the colour of the trees shift from fresh, summery greens to warm orange tones, there’s something enchanting about Autumn, especially when we’re lucky enough to enjoy a crisp, clear day. What better way to transition into the colder months than by making some changes in your home. Below are some of our top tips for decorating your home to create a cosy, autumnal feeling in your space.



Just like your wardrobe, layering can become a staple in your home come Autumn. Here at AUTHOR HQ we swap our cool summery linens for warm velvets and tactile wools, small changes like these can create a warming ambiance in your home perfect for the Autumn months. There are many gorgeous, rich textures out there to use for layering. Think of your sofa or favourite chair as your wardrobe, layer it up with cosy, wool knit throws and vivid velvet cushions. Sheepskin rugs are always useful and bring warmth and a whole new look to a chair.

Henry Velvet Cushion
Alpaca Throw with Mary Velvet Chair

Layering isn’t always about fabrics. You can layer your home with any decoration you like that gives you those warm tones you are looking for due to colour or feel such as paper garlands, dried flowers or a firm favourite of ours, candles.

We absolutely love these bronze figs and pears made by talented bronze artist Alice Andrea Ewing of Pomarius. Alice casts real British fruit collected from the gardens of historical locations across Britain into bronze using the ancient lost wax technique in her Suffolk based studio. They are perfect decorations for the colder months on their own or in a grouping especially in bookcases and on mantelpieces. These solid, heavy sculptures may be cool to touch but their rich patina gives the strong feeling of autumnal warmth.

Bronze Fig
Bronze Pear


Slate Cube Lamps

The mornings and evenings are getting darker as we draw closer to the clocks moving backwards. This is the time of year where we begin to embrace artificial lighting in our homes. The light and warmth of a roaring fire is always ideal but if you don’t have a fireplace, candles and layering of light with dimmable wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps can also do the trick. You want to turn down the bright, cool blue of overhead lighting as you flow into the evening. Focus on the softer, warmer tones that candles and lamps can bring to create a soothing, cosy atmosphere welcomed after a long day of work. It can even be a mood-changing transition into evening that is needed in your space if you are working from home.

Square Scented Candle
Pear Lamp



We hate to admit it but the flip flops are officially away, despite our best efforts to keep wearing them. Yes, we are delving into the colder months but it doesn’t mean you can no longer embrace the outdoors. Extend the lifespan of living outside by putting on a dry robe or coat and sitting on a chair with a sheepskin draped over it whilst having your breakfast and morning coffee outside. For those who love ski season and unfortunately won’t be able to get away this year due to the pandemic, this can allow you to reminisce past trips, sitting outside on sheepskins and taking in the view over a warming beverage. Listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air as a wonderful start to your day.

Outdoor Light Slate Stool
Hazel Floor Lamp

On dry evenings, use outdoor lighting and candles to set the tone of a cosy seating area in your garden if you have the space for it. We love the Hazel Outdoor Floor Lamp for this purpose, with its elegant lantern design. The bulb is concealed from the naked eye underneath the top of the lantern, meaning you can create a gorgeous light without having to hurt your eyes. The Outdoor Light Slate Stool is another option we love as it doubles as a seat as well as a light. Handcrafted from exquisite slate in Scotland, these magnificent designs work well as garden sculptures during the day when they aren’t lit.

Swedish Torch

We always advise sitting round a fire pit on clear evenings with a glass of your favourite tipple and a throw as you star gaze by the roaring flames. For those who do not have a fire pit, you could always use what is known as a Swedish Torch. These logs are split and lit in the middle, burning through the log vertically. Always place them on stone or brick as you wouldn’t want them to damage your grass or planting. You can either make them yourself carefully or order them online as an easier option for a low cost. These logs are perfect for roasting marshmallows and telling stories around for a cosy, autumnal weekend evening.

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