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Stephen Penn from Abode 2, the luxury property magazine, interviews Jane on why it is important to choose high-quality, hand-crafted furniture and classic designs that won’t fall out of fashion or favour.

When it comes to hand-crafted furniture, longevity is key. It’s this solid ethical principle of high-quality British design, made to last, on which AUTHOR was founded.

“The longevity of AUTHOR’s pieces is at the heart of what we do, and particularly important now that as a society, we are waking up to the damage caused by irresponsible consumption,” explains owner, Jane Adams. “The tide has turned against unsustainable, mass manufacturing and in interior design, the same applies against the notion of fashion and change for its own sake.”

“High-grade, ancient, oak furniture is a good example of how the wise buyer can invest in a potential heirloom piece, one that will be cherished in your home for a lifetime. One example is our ‘Gin Huffer’ Occasional table, an exquisitely detailed side table in oak and bronze. Made in England, the quirky design is instantly appealing and designed to last.”

Other products from AUTHOR include their Monarch Chair, from Edinburgh-based cabinetmaker Hugh Parsons, a seat with a regal vibe. Made with tan leather upholstery on an ebonised oak frame, the design is distinctively regal.

The team also offer a selection of Porta Romana pieces, including the timeless and eye-catching Duck Feet lamp. Constructed from cast brass, with heavy-duty wirework and a reinforced shade, with careful use, the lamp is robust enough to last many years.

“At AUTHOR we champion the production of objects and furniture that embody ideals of timeless and classic design,” Jane adds. “We encourage our customers to invest well in these ‘lifetime’ pieces. We want people to consider carefully the objects with which they furnish their homes and to adopt a mindful attitude towards buying.

“A wise buy should ideally last a lifetime. It’s only in recent times that our expectations have not been this way. We want to shift those expectations, so that a furniture purchase is once again viewed as an item that should last many years, moving between homes and outliving changes in fashion.”


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Written by Jane Adams, founder of Author Interiors. LinkedIn:

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