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BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year


During this period of lockdown it’s fascinating, and heartening, to see a renewed emphasis on the value of the spaces in which we inhabit. Granted, some of us have had those spaces forced upon us whilst fortunate others have been able to create them, but we can take the opportunity to consider and muse on the bits that are just right or not so right.

It feels odd to reflect on the above in the light of AUTHOR HQ being featured in BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year Series 2, and I thought it would be a good thing to share a little of the journey and perhaps some of the good and not so good bits of our family space.

We were persuaded by the loveliest of lovely Alison Gibb, the-all-things-interiors columnist and guru, that it would be a good idea to enter the BBC Scotland Home Of The Year.  Hmmm, she is a good persuader, my internal hesitation being quashed by the notion that no exposure is bad exposure (really? can that actually be a thing?!).


Live 06/05/2020

Our episode went live on Wednesday 6th May. You can easily watch it on iPlayer if you fancy, and wow it’s a relief to have it out there. Relief in the fact that it actually does look good, despite me not being allowed behind camera with my OCD – moving, plumping, and rearranging. Relief in the fact there is appreciation of some of the “stuff” we choose to surround ourselves with. Relief in the fact that it did look real; the messy bookshelves, the fridge door plastered with the latest work of art…i’s a reflection of how we choose to live. Relief too I guess that others like it, that basic affirmation stuff.

What a brilliant team they all were; the scouts that came initially, the crew on the filming day, how hard they worked and what an efficient formulae they had. And then seeing the results of the editing, what stayed in and what didn’t make the cut…all truly fascinating.

Minimalistic we are not, the joy of layering and mixing complementary pieces, colours and textures brings so much depth to a space. Being from a family that appreciates beautifully crafted anything, be it a perfectly formed potato fork, an antique fishing reel or a piece of handmade furniture, it has been part of my make up to acquire, to appreciate and to learn the stories of those who did the making. That’s the basic premise of AUTHOR.

There are so many gorgeous pieces throughout our home, that are created by such special makers and featured on AUTHOR, where we get to tell the stories about the pieces themselves and the makers. I wish I could have spent half and hour pontificating with the judges about Max McCance’s Strobilus Table, Ashleaf’s bronze leaves, Porta Romana’s lamps, Mallon Foundry’s linen napkins….an endless list of beauty.

Anna Campbell-Jones


I want to use this opportunity to shout about all of the great British artisans and makers that create such amazing work. I want to allow people to understand how they too can live with beautiful heirloom style pieces responsibly sourced from real people. How they can create their own much loved spaces using really unusual pieces, collected through time, all of which have real stories to tell.

Kate Spiers, Anna Campbell-Jones and Michael Angus deliberating over our home

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t watched episode 2 of #SHOTY series2, look away now.

There was heated debate by the judges, a true battle of architecture verses interior design. The outcome, was a positive one for us. The powerhouse that is Anna Campbell-Jones fighting our corner admirably, with patterns and layering winning the day over white monastic calm.

Looking forward to the finals in Episode 10.

Twisted Freeform Sculpture
Twisted Freeform Sculpture
Bronze Cherry Leaves
Bronze Figs
Bronze Figs
Our family on the show

If you’d like any design consultation, from styling a corner in your sitting room to deciding on a paint colour, the AUTHOR team is on hand to help. Please get in touch with any of your design or styling questions.

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