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Whether it’s Zoom quizzes, online fitness classes or renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, sharing #songsofcomfort on his cello on Instagram, there are numerous ways in which people are spreading positivity and togetherness during this pandemic whilst we are apart.

By participating in small acts of kindness, we make the world a little bit happier and better. Little actions of kindness encourage others to do good deeds too, creating a more positive community which is vital during this pandemic. Here are some acts of kindness you can do that can benefit your own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of your community and loved ones.

Volunteering and Helping Others


Since we are living in stress-inducing and chaotic times, helping others is an excellent way to create positivity and improve your mood. Studies have shown that putting someone else’s needs before your own increases happiness and improves your sense of purpose.

In fact, there is evidence that volunteering and helping others not only improves your mental wellbeing but also your physical wellbeing. An American study from 2006 to 2010 on volunteering and its correlation on blood pressure suggested that, “volunteerism may also be linked to reduced hypertension risk through its effects on physical activity,” as it provides, “alternative sites for physical activity outside of the home,” especially for older adults.


Volunteering can motivate you to get moving more and doesn’t cost you anything but your time. The mental and physical benefits to yourself and others that it results in is rewarding and reminds us that we all really do need each other during this crisis.

We’ve seen the generous amount of volunteers who have been helping the NHS and their own communities up and down the country through this pandemic. Even as lockdown restrictions are slowly easing, volunteering is very much still needed. Check in with loved ones or neighbours to see if they are needing assistance with anything from food shopping to garden work or use sites such as or your local NHS and community services to see volunteer opportunities in your area.

Share your skills


There have been fantastic ways in which people have shared ideas, skills and talents through lockdown. From Noel Fielding’s Art Club initiative on social media that gets kids and adults alike making art together at home to PE with Joe Wicks that gets families off the sofa and moving in the morning, communities have been created for everyone’s mental and physical health.

Putting your skillset and knowledge out into the world gives you a greater sense of purpose and keeps you motivated. It pushes you to want more from yourself and allows you to grow better at what you do. It could be teaching people to sew masks through an online video tutorial, getting your neighbours active with a socially distant street Zumba class or even just sharing a recipe with friends, the possibilities are endless. By engaging in and creating a community, it will help you and others feel less alone through this crisis.

Gift someone


There are many worries on everyone’s minds at the moment and this pandemic has really taken a toll on people’s emotional and physical well being. It is hard not being able to give a loved one going through a trying time a hug if you do not live in the same household. Sending a gift can be the perfect way to give them a hug from afar and to let them know you are thinking of them.

This gift doesn’t even have to cost you anything, you could cut flowers from your garden and leave a gorgeous posy on their doorstop, or even bake their favourite sweet treat that they can enjoy. It is all about the thought behind the gift to remind your loved ones that they are not alone and that you are there for them.


If you were looking into purchasing something for a friend, gift boxes are a great way to send a hug from afar. A Lavender Gift Set can help a loved one sleep better and benefit from its aromatherapy properties whilst a gorgeous, sumptuous throw can make them almost feel your embrace as they wrap it around their shoulders.

These gifts not only sends some love to a friend in need, it also supports small businesses across the UK who could really use the help right now. All the unique and exquisite furniture and home accessory pieces in our collection are handcrafted by small artisans and makers across Britain, many of who are still able to create their gorgeous pieces during these trying times. Supporting local makers and artisans, like those featured in our collections, supports local economies and helps communities thrive together which is important more than ever in these unsteady times we know live in.

If you would like to put together a bespoke gift box or need help sourcing a particular gift then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The AUTHOR team would be more than happy to help you send a little something to a friend or family member in need with a personalised message.

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