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Have you ever looked back through family albums, and noticed how a piece of furniture or a particular object sat quietly in the background, year after year? A consistent and faithful presence, it stood by you as you celebrated years of Christmases and birthdays. It may even have been taken with you to new homes in different cities.

Furniture and objects such as these are the ones we hold most dear-treasured pieces which become part of who we are and our own personal and unique story.

Author is a new concept in interior furnishing. We believe passionately in elegant contemporary British design that endures and doesn't change with the wind. At Author we are excited to find fresh new ideas yet we don't believe in new for its own sake. Our missions is to seek out modern classics which can be loved for a lifetime and beyond.

This feeling that fast and disposable isn’t the answer is increasingly apparent in other areas of life, such as in the ways we prefer to dine and dress.

But it's not out of selfless generosity that we care about the provenance of things we buy, because when personal attention, care and love has been part of the production process, it shines through in the end result.

Of course, the price tag reflects that an item has taken longer to make by someone with specialist skills and using the finest materials. It may be a higher price to pay, and one which might therefore incur some deliberation over the outlay. And that is in part the point.

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By turning our backs on speedily mass produced furniture and furnishings, we embrace patient production by skilled craftspeople using, and in many cases resurrecting traditional techniques. These age-old British skills and craft, our connection with the maker, are too precious to lose.

The Author team tours Britain in search of sophisticated contemporary design for our collections. We journey from St Ives to the Scottish Highlands in search of exquisite furniture, home furnishings and accessories. We look for instant, heartbeat skipping appeal whilst always mindful of the timeless, future classic, the pieces to have and to hold.

Author is writing its own story. The key characters are exceptionally gorgeous hand-crafted interior pieces and accessories. We wish these to be objects that you will fall in love with, future heirlooms that you will want to keep in your home forever, to become part of your story too.

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