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Incorporating Statement Furniture Into Your Home
Incorporating Statement Furniture Into Your Home

If there’s one thing we love about luxury interior design, it’s the chance to impose your personality on a space and create a home that is truly reflective of you, your family and all elements of your life.

Often homeowners are apprehensive to be bold with the interior design of their home and instead opt to go down a safe route that is less true to their core interior style. If you are perhaps guilty of this, one of the easiest ways to rectify it is to incorporate some statement furniture into your home. If you’ve got your eye on a piece of furniture you absolutely love but it’s an “out-there” purchase, don’t be afraid to buy it. Here are AUTHOR’s top tips for incorporating statement furniture into your home.


1. Don’t go overboard

It’s not a statement piece of furniture if it’s surrounded by other loud and proud pieces, so try to keep the rest of the interior furnishings smaller and less ornate. You want to create a narrative around the star of the show, so don’t make it have to shout for the limelight.


2. Think about scale

Don’t just go for the largest piece of furniture you can find; functionality is also important. Consider the size of your room and the rest of your interior accessories such as statement lighting, coffee tables and side tables. There needs to be a balance between the room and the statement item to ensure that you can still use it day-to-day. Even if the piece is purely decorative, you don’t want it to take over the whole room, so measure accordingly and make sure the item works before investing.


3. Consider the rule of three

The rule of three is a term used in interior design for styling areas of your home. This includes grouping items of furniture, using colour and choosing patterns. We all know that matching items don’t create an interesting and varied look so keeping this in the back of your mind will help to add interest to your scheme. Note: you can bend the rules slightly, but always think in odd numbers over even to avoid the look becoming too structured.


4. Make it a feature

This is your chance to go bold with your shopping and not be afraid of blowing the budget, after all, it will make all the difference. Think about bold colours, large pattern structures and ornate detailing, but don’t forget to give the furniture space to breathe. Our range of furniture is unique and comes with a story, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you’re struggling to choose the right piece.


5. Contrast materials

Juxtaposition between furniture pieces is important to create a balanced look. Identify the style of your chosen piece and contrast it with other textures, colours and shapes. Think dark with light, organic with structured shapes and patterned with simple block forms. What’s missing from your room?


6. Light it up

Now that you’ve mastered the positioning of your statement furniture, you need to ensure that everyone can actually see it. Our guide to creating an intimate atmosphere with lighting will surely be of help. Table lamps, floor lamps and wall lighting will light your furniture properly – don’t scrimp on ensuring your furniture is shown in the best light. We recommend a neutral style lamp such as our tall and elegant Olivier floor lamp.


7. Accessories

Accessorising is key to ensuring that your piece of furniture ties into the rest of the design scheme. For example, if you’ve purchased a great armchair – let’s take the patterned Mary velvet chair as an example – you could style it with a coffee table, luxe throw, trays, vases and candles for a cosy and homely aesthetic.

8. Assess the room

Take a step back and assess your final look. Is it missing something? Is there too much going on? Sometimes you need to look at the whole picture and add or remove certain pieces. The smallest of tweaks can make a difference. Make sure the room reflects your personal style and makes you feel joyful when returning from a long hard day at work; that’s exactly what it’s all about.

If you’d like to know more about incorporating statement furniture into your home, the AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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