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A Guide to Incorporating
Luxury Art into Your Home
Luxury Art into Your Home

If you’re looking to showcase a splash of personality in your home, statement art is one of the easiest ways to amplify the look and feel of a room without it becoming cluttered or losing a sense of cohesiveness. When it comes to luxury interiors, nothing says extravagance like artwork, especially if you’re able to talk directly about the artist and champion the process behind each piece.

Choosing the right art isn’t easy by any means. It has the ability to set the tone of a room, adding in a sense of opulence and working with the colours and textures already selected in the interior design. At AUTHOR, we believe in thinking beyond the obvious. It’s not just about abstract pieces or gallery walls, there are plenty of ways to create a narrative with artwork. Here’s our guide to incorporating luxury art into your home, bringing in a sense of heritage and personality.


Complement your colour palette

Your artwork should complement your entire interior design scheme so it’s important to consider what you already have in a room. Are you looking for something brighter and bold? Or do you want more of a minimal take? Either way, your artwork should bring out the hues in a room so look at colours carefully and opt for pieces that coordinate rather than clash.


Bring statement art front and centre

If you’ve invested in high-end art, you don’t want to immediately hide it away for nobody to see. Make artwork the focal point of your room design by placing large scale pieces above fireplaces, grouping together smaller works to create maximum impact and using sculptures and other three-dimensional pieces to bring to life true craftsmanship. Falling Flowers, a digitally printed silk piece by EvA Bespoke, is a great example of bringing something different to the table.


Hang a gallery wall

While we’ve mentioned that there’s more to luxury art than a gallery wall, this option is indeed a great way to make a statement; especially in a hallway or narrow setting. Gallery walls take time and patience, as well as a lot of complementary artwork, so it’s important that you try and plan yours out before taking the plunge. Talk to an interior decorator or, if you’re feeling confident, arrange the artwork in the proposed position on the floor first. Frames are just as important as the prints when it comes to gallery walls, so think about whether you want to make the look uniform or add in lots of textures via picture frames.

Don’t be afraid to make an entrance

Your hallway is your first point of contact with your guests, so if there’s any place for a luxurious art feature, it’s here. Incorporating striking lighting with an artistic flair or decadent sculptures will have visitors’ eyes popping from the outset, creating an immediate feeling of elaborate warmth and personality. After all, pieces like this copper chandelier by Rachel Fitzpatrick are works of art in their own right! That being said, your entranceway is also the ideal place for a gallery wall above a statement console so do think about plotting this feature in to your design scheme.

Think about sculptures

Sculptures are luxury decor pieces that can amplify the look and feel of a room. Plus, they’re usually meticulously handcrafted. A statement sculpture is an ideal way to add art to consoles or furniture pieces without taking over a huge surface area or obstructing any other wall art. Try these freeform ceramic sculptures by Penny Withers for an elegant take. There is harmony and balance in the design, through the central vertical axis, which is calming and reassuring. If you’re after something a little more statement, the Enigma sculpture is a one-off piece is made using an ancient Venetian glassblowing technique called ‘murrine’ to create each individual, delicate thread of glass.

Invest in collectible design and furniture

As with sculptures, works of art needn’t be limited to display on the walls. Think outside the box when it comes to artwork and invest in pieces that incorporate key artistic decoration or techniques such as the handcrafted Lulu Cabinet. At AUTHOR, all of our products come with a story. We work with select artists, designers and makers and are constantly welcoming new additions to the fold. Shopping with us means shopping beautifully hand-crafted pieces and items made with stylish spaces and contemporary lifestyles in mind.


Shop AUTHOR’s full range of artwork here. Still looking for tips to help style your home? The AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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