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10 key steps to creating a
cosy home for winter
cosy home for winter

Winter is one of the seasons we love most here at AUTHOR. Sitting around a cosy fire, drinking red wine and grazing on delicious cheese boards and canapés – we can ignore the chill outside for the sake of the entertaining season and some cosier interior design.

Nevertheless, depending on the weather, winter can be a rather long season. It can be dampened by wet weather and harsh winds, not to mention a shortage of natural light. At this point, your home becomes your refuge and you’ll need to invest in making it the most agreeable of environments. Think sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and warming fragrances. Don’t worry, we’re here to help so hunker down with a hot chocolate and read on for our top tips on creating a cosy home this winter.

1. Opt for a rich colour palette


We’ve spoken before about how colour can affect the mood and energy of a room and this is true at different times of the year too. As both the mornings and evenings get darker, rooms can take on an alternate identity, and it’s important that you assess the impact of these low- light situations.

When selecting colours for optimum cosiness, consider the depth and richness, rather than the tone. The aim is to create a cocooning effect, whether that be through neutral hues or dark and subdued colours. We’re not just talking wall colours here, think about this in every aspect of your design from cushions to curtains.

2. Get the light right


Thoughtful lighting in the winter is key to keeping the mood high and creating a warm atmosphere. Remember, you need to incorporate general, task and ambient lighting in your interior design scheme to make it a successful. Table lamps or pendant lights with brushed brass or gold accents such as our Grafton Glass Globe Pendant in Bronze will help to reflect a warm metallic hue around the room, while the Brown Mallee and Acrylic Table Lamp will add rich colours to the room and create a similarly cosy feel. Soft lighting is ideal for creating a cosy aesthetic so think beyond the fixtures and remember to purchase warming light bulbs too.

3. Layer rugs


Rugs add texture, depth and warmth to a room, perfect for some winter specific styling. Don’t think that rugs are reserved for non carpeted floors – we say the more the merrier. A blend of shaggy, wool and fluffy rugs will boost both the insulation in your home and add a cosy layer underfoot. Our Williamsburg Orange Rug ticks all the boxes. Made from 100% wool with a contrast herringbone fringe, the rampant orange of this rug will add a pop or warming colour to your home ready for the colder season ahead.

4. Add the softest of furnishings


Soft furnishings are the ultimate way to heighten a cosy aesthetic so when it comes to cushions, throws and blankets, more is most certainly more. Pile cushions high in your living room and add a throw to seating arrangements throughout. A luxury mohair throw on your bed will act as your own personal draught excluder. Mohair is one of the fluffiest of yarns, from the angora goat’s hair and is valued for its insulating properties. Remember to experiment with different textures and fabrics but choose high-quality materials such as lambswool and cashmere to ensure you and any guests stay warm.

5. Get ready to entertain


Like we said, winter is entertaining season and that means getting your tableware in order to ensure that you’re utterly guest ready. The festive period is all about sharing so invest in wooden platters, unique glassware and luxury barware for a season of dinners that you won’t forget. On that note, our Sugarcube Cabinet will make for the perfect place to house your serveware, dazzling with handcrafted coloured glass, cushion front doors and oak handles at the centre.

6. Bring warmth with candles


Candles are essential for a cosy ambience and we’ve got plenty of handcrafted options for you to choose from. The benefits of candles are undeniable – they cast a cosy glow across your interior as well as providing a warming scent. Dot them around on coffee tables, consoles and shelving to keep the air warm and fragranced.

7. Choose a scent that says something festive


On that note, the way your home smells is another key element to creating a cosy aesthetic. Smell really is one of the most powerful ways to associate with our memories. From eau de mince pie to the smell of burning wood, there is a signature scent for everyone. Our winter pick is the Square Scented Candle which contains sweet amber with delicate notes of jasmine petals and a hint of nutmeg – perfect for the colder season.

8. Add joy with flowers and greenery

You’ll want to be spending as little time outside as possible during winter but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the outside in. Flowers and plants will help you to remember slightly warmer climates while also bringing a joyful pop of colour to the room. Brighten your home and get ready for spring by popping your florals in a vase such as our White Sand Vases or Small Posy Bowl and placing them on mantelpieces, coffee tables and dining tables.

9. Make it your own

Making a home feel lived in is the addition of objects that embrace your own personality, from the artwork to the dinner plates. This one applies whatever the season, but the colder weather certainly allows for a few more trinkets to be on show. Take into account all of our recommendations and add a Bronze Pear Sculpture to your bookcase for a rustic, warm glow that’s got a story behind it too.

10. Think about ‘hygge’


Finally, have you heard of hygge? Coined by the Danish, the term hygge is a central part of Danish culture and roughly translates to the feeling of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. The Scottish version is called ‘coorie’ which is explained beautifully in Gabriella Bennett’s The Art of Coorie book. This is where we talk less about objects and styling, and more about what brings you happiness. Is it the smell of baking bread, or the rustle of a fire on a cold evening? These elements are what makes you tick and it’s important that you consider beyond the aesthetics of your home. If you’re struggling with how this should impact your home, AUTHOR offer interior design consultancy and styling advice. Just get in touch.

Still looking for tips to help style your home? The AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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